Welcome to Normacare

The Nordic research network on marketisation in eldercare (Normacare) brings researchers together to investigate and compare how market-inspired steering principles have emerged, evolved and operate in eldercare in the Nordic countries. More information about Normacare’s resarch agenda is available here.

Normacare will develop a framework for collaborative study and support for participating researchers, particularly PhD students and emerging scholars. Network activities include workshops for participants as well as public presentations at conferences and Normacare symposia. Information about Normacare events is available here. Normacare will also establish a public e-database of resources for all researchers interested in marketisation of eldercare.

Network participants work in a range of disciplines, including social work, social policy, political science, sociology, economics and business administration. More information about members is available here. Normacare is funded by NordForsk and FAS from 2011-2013. The network’s convenors are Marta Szebehely (Stockholm University), Anneli Anttonen (University of Tampere) and Gabrielle Meagher (University of Sydney).

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